I am a web developer with experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, and Redux. I'm passionate about problem solving, debugging, and writing clean, semantic code. I'm happiest in that zen-like state when completely immersed in a complex problem. I love working on a team and pair programming.

I am always looking for more opportunities to delve into new languages, frameworks or mathematical concepts.

When not developing amazing apps, I enjoy training in muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu or admiring my two beautiful cats.


A few of my recent projects.


Single page outliner app based loosely on Workflowy built with Node.js, Express.js and Sequelize, and flexible frontend patterns in React and Redux. Focuses on a single-fetch, normalized Redux state and usage of higher order components.

Lil' React

Clone of React.js. Uses a virtual DOM which follows React’s own heuristic diffing algorithm. Supports extension of Component class with lifecycle methods, nested component and element rendering via nested object definitions, and synthetic event handling.

Open Source Work

Contributions to open source projects such as react-redux, redux-logger and my own personal project, memoized-change-handler, a lazy, memoized onChange handler for React components.


trakr is a single-page, full-stack web application inspired by Strava and built with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL on the backend, React.js using flux framework for the frontend, and enhanced by the Google Maps API.


A multi-level roguelike browser game built using JavaScript, React.js, CSS and lots of OOP.

the dba

the-dba is an ORM (Object Relation Mapping Tool) that is intended to abstract away the database implementation. It is inspired by Rails ActiveRecord and provides CRUD, search and association functionalities.



  • App Academy - FullStack Development

  • Brooklyn College - BS Computational Mathematics

  • University at Albany - BA History